November 1, 2020

It's been a crazy ride in 2020...

WOW! What a year. A robust high season of tourism to Puerto Rico in 2020 was on the horizon, and our properties were filling with our loyal guests. But then, the earthquakes hit, we recovered from them, and then COVID-19 hit. As we all did, we spent the late winter and early spring in quarantined and closed our properties.

We were heartbroken, as we had just launched our first flagship Colonial Style Villa in Old San Juan, El Palacete de San Jose. Our timing couldn't have been worse. But we all took a breath, sat still, and waited for the country and the world to start to reopen safely. We got our ducks in a row, developed a thorough cleaning and sanitizing plan, and re-opened for business in June.

What has happened has been a blessing for JFKey. Our guests started to return, as international travel was and is still prohibited, seeking the security of Puerto Rico as a part of the United States, filled with fellow citizens.

Puerto Rico has done an outstanding job of doing everything possible to limit the spread of Covid-19. As early as the beginning of March, the Governor shut down the island, implemented a curfew, required masks in any area outside of the home and set to tracking the spread of the disease. With determination and the spirit of the people of Puerto Rico, the island has been spared what many states and territories have not.

Travel is back in a very carefully and safely orchestrated way. The Department of Health has been vigilant and has implemented an online system for Covid tracing of all incoming guests and residents. No one, no one, exits the airport without registering online or being registered at the airport before exiting. Afterwards, anyone who has not presented a Covid test result less than 3 days old is entered into the SARA alert system and receives daily texts to check on their health for the 2 week quarantine period.

While things are not normal, travel to Puerto Rico is as safe as it can be. We work with every guest to ensure that they understand the protocols required in Puerto Rico and that are sure to wear a mask and honor social distancing while visiting.

Our beaches and pools are open, with Covid occupancy and mask restrictions where required, but the sun is shining brightly on every 88 degree day, and the ocean breeze is calming in these tough and stressful times.

In these incredibly stressful times, a visit to Puerto Rico and all the lovely people here have to offer will heal you. The warm sand beaches, the ocean waves, the sun and the healing ocean breeze will soothe your tired soul and get you ready to fly into 2021!

See you soon

Peter 😀

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