February 21, 2019

Finding you a great short rental in Puerto Rico

Vacation in Puerto Rico

The warm welcome and charm of the islanders

I came to vacation in Puerto Rico about 4 years ago.  I was overwhelmed not only by the natural beauty and varied climates of the Isla Del Encanto (Enchanted Island) but also by the warm welcome and charm of the wonderful islanders.

Puerto Rico has a slower pace. When you’re eating out, Islanders always wish you “buen provecho” (enjoy your meal), the weather is beautiful, warm at the beach and cool in the mountains.  Who know Puerto Rico had a beautiful lake in mountains, soft sand beaches, and incredible beaches on the west side to watch the sunset with a glass of wine!
I’m an adventurer, so I headed to El Yunque National Park to explore the rainforest.  Then I was invited to party in Carite at a friend’s home on the Lake Carite. I was blown away. It was like Vermont in the Caribbean! In the cooler climate of the mountains, I hiked to breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, and lakes. On the next trip, I headed to Toro Verde to try out the longest and most exciting zip line in Puerto Rico. Scary but super exhilarating! I’m a real beach and ocean lover.

A beach for everyone

I have discovered that Puerto Rico has a beach for everyone. Friends invited me to spend a week on the west side of the island. We checked out Aguadilla where the surfers love the waves. Then we passed through Aguada, Rincon, Boqueron and Cabo Rojo where you can skip the waves and enjoy beautiful beaches,  Island life must include relaxing in the water all afternoon with a cool drink on Combate beach.
The 2nd day we headed to absolutely breathtaking natural beauty at Playuela (Playa Sucia) and Playa Buyé. For the rest of the week, I couldn’t decide which beach was better! They’re all great.
This year I decided to take a leap and took a position with JFKey Vacation Rentals .  We specialize in short term vacation rentals in Puerto Rico. Now that I’m based in San Juan, I ventured out for more fun in the city.  Recently, I headed to the Condado Lagoon and tried out paddle boarding and kayaking. I was told I might spot a manatee in the lagoon, but I didn’t.  I’ll keep looking. On another weekend, I headed Ocean Park beach in San Juan, known for windsurfers by the dozens. Watching them was a great way to pass time as I relaxed and unwound.   Last week my colleagues at JFKey and I, headed to north shore and the beautiful area of Dorado, known as the gold coast of Puerto Rico. The house we visited was located at the Villas of the Ritz Carlton Reserve.  It’s one of their top Ritz Carlton properties. It’s is a must see.

Well, that’s it for now.  I can’t wait for you to spend your next vacation with us!  If you would like my help finding you a great short rental in Puerto Rico, contact me at JFKey . 877-535-1173 or check out jfkey.vip .

Peter Kauderwood from JFKey

Hasta Luego!