JFKEY was born when Joyce and Frankie got together after decorating Joyce's Home in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Frankie was there to do lighting design and decor, we hang 12 flower pots from the 16 ft ceilings, all different pastel colors like Old San Juan and did a wonderful Art composition. Frankie bought a fabulous modern Chandelier for her dining table that now hangs on our property at 64 Calle Luisa in Condado.

A great partnership has been cooking this idea of giving guests a worry free experience since early 2017. Without knowing that the Island would go thru its bigger challenges ever; Zika and Chikungunya, the biggest hurricane in history, an earthquake, and now a Pandemic that threatens the World as we know it. In every instance we have been able to evolve quickly; providing assistance, a safe harbor for anyone in need.

We have short of 50 properties available for you, and we do not hurry on adding any new ones to the list. We are very careful, very cautious now that we have more experience. For your sake and ours, we are now more selective and luxurious than we were when we first started.

We welcome you to be a part of our experience! We list all of our properties on all booking channels for you conveniences, however, we would appreciate if you can book directly with us to save that commission. We will know how to appreciate it!

FUN is how we do it!

Yours truly,
Joyce, Frankie, Peter & Joselyn